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Austin Brewery Tours

Explore the Exploding and unique craft beer scene with Austin Party Bus

Quick Details


  • Must be 21+ years old to participate in tastings.
  • The time starts when we pick you up and ends when we drop you off.
  • Alcohol is allowed on the party bus!
  • We provide ice, bottled water, and cups and you can bring whatever you want on board.
  • 20% gratuity added to all runs.
  • Located in the city of Austin
Starts at
24 Passenger Bus - 6 Hours Sunday-Thursday
20 Passenger Bus - 6 Hours Sunday-Thursday
16 Passenger Bus - 6 Hours Sunday-Thursday
*does not include wine tasting fees

Join Austin Party Bus for an epic beer adventure in Austin, Texas! Hop on our party bus and get ready to taste the best brews in town.

Our party buses are decked out with all the cool stuff to make your ride comfortable and fun. Kick back in limo style seating and enjoy the vibe as we take you to Austin’s top breweries.

Explore the best breweries and scenes in Austin including Austin Beerworks, Independence Brewing Company, Nomadic Beerworks, St. Elmo Brewing Company, Meanwhile Brewing, Hi Sign Brewing, Austin Beer Garden Brewing (ABGB), Hold Out Brewing, and Zilker Brewing Company.

It’s not just about the beer—it’s about the good times. Meet fellow beer lovers, share stories, and make memories on our party bus.

Whether you’re a local or visiting Austin, our brewery tours offer an unforgettable beer-filled adventure. Book your spot now and get ready to have a hoppy time with Austin Party Bus Brewery Tours! Cheers!

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